how to stop yelling at your kids

with Carol Tuttle

+-*I confess, I was a yeller. I noticed this tendency when my children were very young and I set out to stop yelling. You can stop too. If I can do it, you can do it! First, check in with yourself and answer a few questions so that you can pinpoint your tendencies: How many …

father’s day: why i’m glad my husband interrupted me

with Kathy West

+-*In celebration of Father’s Day, enjoy this guest post from Type 2SM contributor, Kathy West. My husband taught me this lesson before we ever had kids. Before we got married. Before we had even started dating. And it wasn’t a formal lesson—it was just something that he did. He interrupted me to ask a question. …

how being practical about music practice leads to more practice

with Jenny Allen

+-*Jenny Allen is my oldest daughter and a TYPE 1SM mother of four brilliant boys, ages 7, 5, 2, and a newborn! She holds a Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance from the University of Utah School of Music. She teaches voice lessons to teenagers and music classes for toddlers. Her full time job is …

autism: seeing your child beyond the label

with Carol Tuttle

+-*Our society has created a standard of development in children. Specialists study children throughout their developmental years and notice patterns of growth. These patterns are then put into a timeline of ages for when a child “should” be developing certain skills like walking, talking, or fine and gross motor skills. But what if not every …

13 summer self-care tips for moms

with Stephanie Nelson

+-*Guest post by Type 4SM contributer and blog manager, Stephanie Nelson. Summer is almost here!  Every year since my kids have been in school, I have repeated the same mistake when summer comes. It’s like clockwork. I make plans for them to have fun, but I forget to make plans for myself to have fun. …

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