how to limit screen time and release mommy guilt

with Stephanie Nelson

+-*I confess, I am negligent at turning off the TV at times. Sometimes I sense my children have had enough screen time, but I don’t turn it off, and as a result I feel like a really, really bad mom. The reason I choose not to turn the TV off is because I am a …

how to pray when you’re facing infertility

with Sarah Tuttle

+-*Enjoy this post by my TYPE 3SM daughter-in-law, Sarah Tuttle.  We knew right away we wanted to be parents someday. My husband and I planned to travel the world and figure marriage out and then we would have children and sail off into the sunset with our big, happy family. We did travel and have …

1 powerful way to help your child live their truth

with Carol Tuttle

+-*Your children want to express their true nature. And you — their parent or grandparent — get to guide them on this extraordinary journey! As you’re living true to your nature, your children will do the same. I encourage you to find a symbolic reminder of your child’s nature to give to them. It can …

3 reasons i’m excited for the carol tour

with Carol Tuttle

+-*The Carol Tour is just around the corner! I want to personally share my enthusiasm and three things that I’m over-the-top excited about: 1. Meeting YOU!  We receive so many emails and positive feedback from you, that I just can’t wait to meet you in person. 2. The feeling that comes alive during these events. When …

5 prayers every mother needs to utter

with Carol Tuttle

+-*I am a big believer in a mother’s prayer. All prayers are powerful, but I feel a mother’s sincere prayer is one of the most powerful tools we have has a parent. Praying has been a staple in my life as a parent. Prayer guides me, aides me when times are tough, comforts me, and provides …

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