3 steps to creating the best music experience for your child

with Jenny Allen

+-*Jenny Allen is my oldest daughter and a TYPE 1SM mother of four brilliant boys, ages 7, 5, 2, and an-almost-here! She holds a Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance from the University of Utah School of Music. She teaches voice lessons to teenagers and music classes for toddlers. Her full time job is raising …

the unintended lesson in “you get what you get…”

with Kathy West

+-*TYPE 2SM guest contributor Kathy West shares her take on a popular phrase for young children. “You get what you get and you don’t throw a fit.” It’s a phrase I’ve heard from both children and adults for a few years now. The rhyme and ring to it make it sound true. But if we’re …

she’s pregnant! …and so is she! how this gestational carrier is changing our lives

with Carol Tuttle

+-*Have you heard the big news? My son Chris and his wife, Sarah, are expecting twin girls! This is an exciting story for our family, and it has showed up for Chris and Sarah in an unexpected but amazing way—through the process of a gestational carrier (which is different from traditional surrogacy). In this video, …

are you over-sharing your children on social media?

with Carol Tuttle

+-*If you’re a parent of young children today, you are the first to face this potential dilemma. Deciding whether or not to share images of your children on social media. And if so, how often and how much? When I was raising my children, if I wanted to show people photos of my children, I …

10 things to do to make sure your child hates music lessons

with Carol Tuttle

+-*Could you unintentionally be causing your child to hate music lessons? Unfortunately, many of us can think back on a negative experience with music lessons. And I am no exception. My mother put me in piano lessons briefly and then in band class, where I played the flute for 2 years. I sense my mother …

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