an inadequacy buster for moms when they feel inadequate

with Kathy West

+-*Do you ever worry you don’t measure up as a parent? At times, so does Kathy West, Type 2SM guest contributor at the Child Whisperer blog. Try this quick mental shift with her. Sometimes, I worry that I’m an inadequate parent. Not because I’m doing anything terribly wrong. I’m supportive and committed. I try to …

does what you say about your family help or hurt?

with Carol Tuttle

+-*“I can’t stand being around Uncle Larry, he’s so annoying!” “It really bugs me when Grandma…” “Glad that’s over! The way they treat their kids is really horrible.” “My sister is sure getting fat; she’s just let herself go!” “Do we have to go to their house? I can’t stand them.” “Can you believe how …

to the parents of the “strong-willed” boy

with Carol Tuttle

+-*Here are some insights from a few TYPE 3SM men I know. I hope you enjoy these takeaways and they support you in raising your dynamic TYPE 3 boy true to his nature! 1. Your son is capable of more than you may think. He can handle a lot of experiences you might think are too …

1 rewarding step to be the change in the world

with Carol Tuttle

+-*Are you the parent you dreamed you’d be? Would you like tools to learn to use your gifts as a parent — and as a person — in practical and meaningful ways to impact the world around you? Maybe you want to stop yelling at your children. Or perhaps there’s a challenge in your home …

the tiny twin tuttles energy type reveal

with Carol Tuttle

+-*They’re here! Meet Ruby Elizabeth and Adeline May, my son Chris and his wife Sarah’s twin girls, who were born July 1, 2015. If you’ve been following the story of how these beautiful little girls came into our family, you are most likely wondering what their Energy Types are. The new family of four recently …

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