4 books that encourage young children to be themselves

with Kathy West

+-*Enjoy these book recommendations by TYPE 2SM Child Whisperer contributor, Kathy West. As a kid, I always wanted to be someone else. I was naturally quieter, but I wished I were louder and more fun. I was a girl, and in 4th grade I wished I were a boy because I mistakenly believed you had …

show some lunchbox love, moms & dads!

with Carol Tuttle

+-*Are you a “take your lunch to school” family? Lunchbox notes brighten your child’s day and build the bond of love and trust with your child. They are little notes that you slip into their school lunch with written expressions of love and validation. It’s possible you already take this opportunity to validate and affirm …

the podcast is back! plus, a month of giveaways

with Carol Tuttle

+-*Do you ever wish you could just ask me your parenting question? If only I were a phone call away when your children face challenges and you need some advice. Well I am just a phone call away and you can ask me directly! Every week you can call me and ask whatever parenting question you …

how to get children to stop interrupting conversations

with Stephanie Nelson

+-*“Mom! Mom! Mom!” She yells to me from the backseat of our car. She’s 7 years old and a vibrant TYPE 1SM child. “Look at that cloud! It’s shaped like a crocodile!” You would think this was the most important discovery of the century based on her level of enthusiasm. And it is. To her. My …

are you “phrozen” to your smartphone?

with Carol Tuttle

+-*My nephew was recently invited to speak at TEDx Portland. Benji Wagner’s talk is based on a topic that challenges parents today. Where does technology fit in to our families? How do we balance it with real experiences? Benji is the co-founder of Poler Outdoor Stuff based in Portland Oregon. He is a gifted photographer, businessman …

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