you’re teaching children about money, but are you teaching them to be poor?

with Carol Tuttle

“You can’t have that.” “We can’t afford that.” “Please be realistic.” When children hear these things regularly from their parents, it shuts down their desires. Instead, we should help our children create their desires. I wrote about this in another post and included a quote that I love by Neale Donald Walsch: “Teach your children …

to the parents of the “dreamer” girl

with Marcy Brown

Do you know a girl who has “impossibly” big dreams?  She loves to share her big ideas with anyone who will listen. Are you raising this girl? TYPE 1SM Dressing Your Truth Beauty Expert, Marcy Brown, shares insights from her own life about how to support this Type of girl. I was an only child …

tips for parents to create an effective partnership

with Carol Tuttle

Ever feel like you’re the one doing it all when it comes to your kids? Sometimes each parent feels this way without even realizing it! And resentment can set in before you know it. Failing to communicate with each other is a huge challenge for a lot of couples. Especially if you are both working outside …

parents…are you there but not really there?

with Carol Tuttle

We all do it. To varying degrees, we’ve all neglected our children at some point. I trust if you are reading this, you are already an amazing parent. But even amazing parents can have “off” moments. Here are 3 situations where you might feel like you are there for your children, but when you look …

the ultimate guide to profiling your children successfully

with Carol Tuttle

“What Energy Type is my daughter?” “Will you look at a picture of my son and profile him, Carol?” “I think I know my child’s Type, but can you just tell me if I am right or not?” I hear questions like these from parents frequently. So, if you have read The Child Whisperer book and you’re …

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