are you “phrozen” to your smartphone?

with Carol Tuttle

+-*My nephew was recently invited to speak at TEDx Portland. Benji Wagner’s talk is based on a topic that challenges parents today. Where does technology fit in to our families? How do we balance it with real experiences? Benji is the co-founder of Poler Outdoor Stuff based in Portland Oregon. He is a gifted photographer, businessman …

discipline not working? 1 minute to better results

with Kathy West

+-*Enjoy this post by TYPE 2SMguest contributor, Kathy West. Go back to that moment. That moment when your child last got in trouble. Maybe he disobeyed or she fought with her sibling or broke a rule. How was that child disciplined? Time-out, losing privileges, nixing screen time? And most importantly, what lesson did they take …

3 tips to help siblings appreciate each other

with Stephanie Nelson

+-*Enjoy this post by TYPE 4SM guest contributor, Stephanie Nelson. “Why can’t they just get along?!” I’ve felt this way too! I understand completely. As a parent, I see how intrinsically amazing each of my kids are. I also know how special sibling friendship is — my brother is one of my best friends. It’s tempting …

are you managing a family or raising a child?

with Carol Tuttle

+-*You shuffle between so many activities, roles, and responsibilities. But as you do, it’s easy to lose sight of your children’s individual needs. You have a lot on your plate, so it’s natural to go in to business mode and begin to view your children merely as an extension of your household system. This is amplified …

to the parents of the “hyperactive” boy

with Carol Tuttle

+-*“Why can’t you just sit still?!” Maybe you’ve said this very thing to your son. Little boys who express a Type 1SM Energy need to move a lot. Many of them receive diagnoses like ADD and ADHD. Sometimes parents and teachers get frustrated by their random and quick energy. I invite you today to banish …

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