boredom-busting summer activities for every type of child

Stuck in a summer rut? Have your kids hit the mid-summer blues?

I have at least 15 fun, productive ideas to help you snap out of it.

Some of these activities are for the whole family. Some can be customized to each child individually. However you choose to implement these activities, enjoy this summer while it lasts!

To hear all my summer boredom busters, click play below:

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Quote of the Day

Anything you think you “should” do that you don’t enjoy doing, you’re going to avoid… Make sure you enjoy what you put so much effort into.

Caller Questions This Week…

1. Rachel, Type 1 Energy: How can I create more lightness and buoyancy for myself in a structured environment? (Listen at 30:16)

This new mom is working with routines of school, work, and motherhood. Listen to some simple tips to switch things up to support someone with light, upward energy.

2. Jan, Type 1 Energy: I promise myself things to look forward to when I accomplish something, but then I skip straight to the reward. How do I have more self-discipline? (Listen at 38:39)

Jan doesn’t necessarily have a problem with self-discipline. She’s trying to accomplish certain activities in a way that’s so contrary to her nature that she just can’t talk herself into it. Let our conversation about her garden support you in living true to your own nature.

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  • The first 4 Types Mom Panel video is now up on the blog! See it here.
  • Dressing Your Truth for Men production is coming along.
  • Next live broadcast in two weeks (August 6th). After two more shows, I’ll go back to my weekly schedule.

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Carol Tuttle

About Carol Tuttle

Mother of five and grandmother of seven, Carol is the original Child Whisperer. She is dedicated to turning longstanding parenting myths on their head and giving adults tools to create cooperation and joy with the children in their lives.

2 responses on “boredom-busting summer activities for every type of child

  1. J Paige Polson Edwards says:

    I completely identify with Jan! As a t1, I find when I’m doing too many things that aren’t fun I really start to avoid what really needs done. So I have learned that I need to play first and then I am fulfilled and actually feel enthusiastic about work. (the reward at the end doesn’t help and sometimes makes me feel cranky!)
    Listening to audio books or pod casts helps a lot for mundane work, and I started cooking by intuition and randomness and it helps use up when I have a lot of garden food that needs used (I don’t use recipe’s very often anymore unless I’m craving a family favorite so if it’s good we better enjoy it because we’ll probably never have it again!)

  2. Rachel says:

    I have found pretending works in a boring situation, so in my mind i role play a character if i can’t cope with the siutation i know i must do but don’t want to

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