type 1 or type 3 energy? not sure which is my child

Parents with active, busy children often ask me…

How do I know if my child expresses TYPE 1 or TYPE 3 Energy talked about in The Child Whisperer?

Parents can often identify whether their child expresses higher or lower movement. But when it comes to the two higher-energy Energy TYPE 1 and TYPE 3 movements, they can feel a little unsure.

Consider movement carefully

Like my book, The Child Whisperer, explains, each Energy Type expresses a unique quality of movement. A Fun-loving TYPE 1 Child and a Determined TYPE 3 Child will both move with a lot of energy, but the quality of that energy will be very different.

In this video, I talk about those differences in their mannerisms, features, and footsteps. I even impersonate the classic facial expressions for both of these Energy Types! Take a look…

Do things feel a little clearer for you now? Please share your experience in the comments below.

(To see the profiling videos, I talked about, click here: How to Profile Babies, Children and Teens)

Reconsider your labels

You’ll find the process of identifying your child’s Energy Type more challenging if your child has experienced a lot of negative judgment.

With their higher level of energy and outward-moving expression, both TYPE 1 and TYPE 3 children may be told they’re too loud, too big, or too hyper. Both Types of children may feel compelled to shut down and contain their natural energy.

If your child’s Energy Type continues to feel unclear, consider the possibility that this child doesn’t feel safe to be him or herself.

The good news is: You have the power to create that safe environment for your child!

Set the intention to understand your child’s true nature and honor it. Catch yourself if you ever judge your child’s natural movement as unacceptable. Your child’s true nature will reveal itself to you and you’ll have the opportunity to be an even better parent than you already are.

(Know the difference between TYPE 2 & 4 Energy?)

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Carol Tuttle

About Carol Tuttle

Mother of five and grandmother of seven, Carol is the original Child Whisperer. She is dedicated to turning longstanding parenting myths on their head and giving adults tools to create cooperation and joy with the children in their lives.

26 responses on “type 1 or type 3 energy? not sure which is my child

  1. I knew my 3y.o. son, Clark, was a T1 right from the beginning. I often said after he was born that God knew I needed to lighten up, so he sent me Clarky. I remember walking into the library with him and, having prefaced our visit with reminders to be quiet, noticed him skip/gallop/hopping next to me. I whispered, “Great job hopping quietly, Buddy!” to which he said, “I’m not hopping, I’m just walking!” The hopping just came so naturally!! I love him!!

  2. Shelley Kaufman says:

    This knowledge has helped me so much to understand both of my children. I am a type 4 with 3 tendencies and I have 1 child that is a type 1 and a child that is a type 3. No wonder we have struggled so much! Just a few adjustments to the way I react to their natures has made all of our lives so much easier.

  3. Jennifer G says:

    I was questioning whether my 5 yr old son was a 1/4 or a 3/4. After watching this video, I am convinced more than ever that he is a 3/4. His little brother is also a 3, he has “exotic” eyes, the T3 scowl and is very determined in just about everything he does, but I believe his secondary is a 2 (but he’s only 6 mos old, so I’m not sure yet). I am a 1/4 and my hubby is a 4/1.

  4. My youngest daughter is T1. Every morning she crawls into bed with me, gives me a hug and then when I open my eyes she gives me that WOO WHOO look. She has a smiling face with half moon eyes when she smiles, she runs or skips and bounces around. She can be VERY pushy too but I’,m not sure if her secondary is a 3 or not, she wants things to be comfortable ex. (she hates the seam at the top of her socks so she won’t wear them,) she also can sit still for a long time and concentrate on things like drawing pictures or watching movies and she will only eat certain things,, VERY picky eater, she can eat the same thing forever and love it. She is almost 6. Secondary doesn’t really concern me, just can’t figure it out.

    My oldest daughter is either a 1/4 or a 4/1. She has LOTS of ideas, people are drawn to her like a moth to a flame (her T3/2 sister hated it that all her friends gravitated to her as soon as they met her). She is VERY creative, she used to come up with all kinds of little businesses to make money when she was a kid – once she opened up our 4X4 patio for roller bladeing and she charged a fee for kids to skate and sold refreshments. She isn’t afraid to do things like sky diving or knocking out a wall(s) in her house and remodeling herself.

    My 2nd son is 3/4 or 4/3, his features are T4 now that he is almost 17 but he has always been VERY active/reactive. He was always TOO MUCH, HUGE temper, HUGE vocabulary, HUGE presence, VERY bull in a china shop in his actions. Loves the active life, plays Basketball, loves scouting, hiking, camping, biking…

    1’s and 3’s are so much easier to type.

  5. Susan says:

    This video was very helpful for me with my 6 year old daughter. To understand the “push” energy better. I had origionally thought she was a type 2. As a baby she loved her blanket, sucked her thumb and loved to be cuddled. As she as grown she has surprised me with her strong opinions, determination to do things at an early age and how she plays with a purpose. Looking back I can see her type 3 too as baby. She would make the pirate face (one side crunched up in a scowl) and pull other people’s hair to anyone who got their hair too close to get a reaction from them. She still likes soft things and to know the plan for the day and has sentament for things she has made. I am so thankful for this knowledge so I can help her honor her beautiful self. She said the other day as I was making suggestion for hairstyle and outfit to wear( braids and matching clothes), “Mom, that style is good for you, but it’s not my style.” Boy has she taught me alot. I now take pride in that fact that she is learning who she is at such an early age. To all mom’s out of type 3 daughters a word of advice- take comfort in them being clean, even if they are wearing hot pink tights with their blue and black dress to church. from a very thankful type 2/4 mom

  6. sunflowerblueyez says:

    Ahhhh now I am MORE confused than ever! I thought my son was a 3/1 first because he is the most determined child I’ve ever known. BUT he is not result driven. When you ask him what is most important to him he responds with “Having fun with my family and friends” and all other variations on “having fun” he is ALL about fun, fun, fun. His facial features are round cheeks and a dimple on one side but he has the points on his eyes. He has the cutest button nose that tilts upwards. So – last week I decided he must be 1/3 but now I am SO confused!! Maybe its time to have a CYT with Carol for my family.

    • sunflowerblueyez says:

      I probably should add that I have had trouble connecting with my son from the beginning. I’m very sad about this and we are working on it. So its harder for me to read him than it is for me to read my daughter, whom I bonded with immediately.

    • Kathy says:

      Perhaps he is DETERMINED to have fun!!!!!!!!!!

  7. sunflowerblueyez says:

    I should also comment that my daughter was VERY easy for me to type – her entire movement is upward and bubbly and light. She giggles a lot, constantly is asking to play, and even skips, twirls, or bounces when she walks.

  8. Jennifer says:

    I’ve loved reading this book and blog. I determined that I am type 3. It is funny because my husband has always teasingly complained that I walk like an elephant through the house! He has read the book too and now I can say it’s just my nature!! Thanks for all you and your team do!

  9. Jenny says:

    I’m so confused! My oldest daughter is 5 yrs old. As a baby she was calm and happy, had big bright eyes (which was what most people commented on). She never seemed determined to accomplish anything. She was late in most of her development and just seemed content and happy. I decided I should probably teach her to climb around 20 months (only with the oldest, right? lol) because other kids her age were climbing all over the place and she’d try but then look at me like “mom it’s too hard, help.” Now she has an extremely fun and playful, animated quality about her and I’ve been sure she’s a type 1, but what stumps me is her overall feel. She has such a PUSH about her. I would never describe her energy as light. But I wouldn’t really say that she is determined to get results. She’s more just determined to get what she wants. Which is a result in and of itself I guess. I’m really leaning towards type 3 but then her infancy and toddler years baffle me.

    • Rose Robinson says:

      I guess you’ve probably come to a conclusion about your daughter’s Type by now, so sorry if this comment is irrelevant! But could she be Type 4 with a secondary 1? The still, self-contained nature when she was a baby suggests a Type 4 for me (and the big, bright eyes…my friend Kathy is a 4/1, and she also has stunning big eyes). The fun, animated nature and the fact that she has a “push” and sometimes comes across like a Type 3 could also come from a Type 4 with a secondary 1.

  10. Ellen Schumacher Bingham says:

    i have two boys, the first is t1 the second is type two. and my T1 Ben, has the most adorable bouncy run, it makes me laugh when i hear you mention their walk, because it’s so true! My little T3 Sam, has that drive though, when he crawls he looks like he could pull a truck behind him, his forward movement is so strong!

  11. Kim Denzine Ashdown says:

    This just reconfirms for me that my older boy is T1 and my younger boy is T3. My older son has always been so animated. My younger one is SO determined and persistent. We are struggling with potty training right now because he is determined to wear diapers forever. He also is the loudest walker in the house. He only weighs 40 lbs and sounds like herd of elephants coming down the stairs. Lots of movement in this house.

  12. Julie Vivian-Foster says:

    Now I’m confused. My son looks like a type 1, But His Energy Is Type 3…Can He Be Both?

  13. Kitty says:

    My little type 1 granddaughter makes me laugh. She’s 18 months old now but the bright eyes, animated faces and silliness stood out to me within the first few weeks of life. At about 14 months old she started taking her role more seriously. When one of us isn’t smiling she reaches over and holds our cheeks out with each of her little hands to create a smile while she beams the biggest smile her little face can make back to us a few inches away. I don’t know how she could be any clearer in her message!

  14. Candice says:

    i thought my son was type 3 based on his facial features when he was a baby and he was very loud and demanding from the very start. he also has a scowl. Lately though when we go out, he seems to attract attention from strangers and he would smile with a twinkle in his eyes, show his dimples and laugh…that always gets them. isn’t that a characteristic of a type 1? he still scowls when he is mad but generally people think he is a happy kid co’z he doesn’t get mad in public much.

  15. Nic says:

    My daughter is a true type 1. She is very lively and all over the place. She is often described as “high energy”. She is a lot of fun but also has frequent meltdowns. Sometimes those can be pretty intense and embarrassing. I really enjoy your videos and articles. They are constant reminders to help me to see my kids as who they are and to guide them accordingly.

  16. Judy says:

    I am just learning all about energy types, but it has been so engaging!. I was asking myself how old a kid must be to determine his/her type. I have been more aware about my kids energy since I just started to read your material and seen your videos. I am quite sure I have a type 3 daughter and a type 1 son. It is really funny because they look almost IDENTICAL to the father (which I am putting a guess on 2 or unlikely 4). My daughter seems to be real, pure energy moving, I think we may even provide electricity to an small village if we could plug her in movement!. And we have seen that scowl Carol for around four years (she is six, but as toddler wasn’t that evident)2 My son on the other hand is really sun shine. But, they are on each other throats (or more type 3 goes on type 1, and that’s just too much energy!).

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  18. Gill says:

    I have a type 3 and a type 1. I struggle with my type 3. Hope for advice 🙂

  19. Angela says:

    I have read the book, but I am still struggling on typing my son. I just don’t know what I see. He is definitely a high movement. He is social, always moving, can bounce from one activity to the next, but also has great focus. I feel like his energy is in your face. I don’t find it to be light or a breathe of fresh air. He is 4 and we have been seeing a counselor because he is so active we don’t know what to do. We feel he is hyperactive or so over stimulated that he cannot process everything so as a result he becomes so hyper he is out of control. Can a 1/3 or a 3/1 present like this in young children? If so how does a T4 mom handle this without having a complete melt down. Can my structured personality be too much for him and as a result make his potentially light energy be more of a push energy?

  20. Sashya says:

    Yes, my daughter (16) is a 4/2 and they dont push, neccissarily, but she knows her own mind and her opinionated talk could vause some to misread her as a 3. My 3 yr old son is a 2/4, sweet and also his own boss. I have a refreshing type 1/3 for a youngest son (21 months) he does try to get a reaction out of people (like a 3) buy only AFTER he has tried to play with you first. Lol. I am a type 1/3 mom and was raised by a 4/2 mom. One of the things I used to get grounded for in high school was changing my plans without telling her! Lol. Carol, if we only knew then what we know now 🙂 anyway…love the book, it has really helped me see all the adjustments I have needed to make. Have a 1/3 son has helped me to honor my own fun loving nature too 🙂

  21. Sara says:

    My youngest daughter is a type 3 with a secondary type 1. She is very intense emotionally and physically, lots of intense focused temper tantrums throughout ages 1-4. I knew she was a three because she was very determined and the brave child (though only in some things).

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